Smart Contracts and Bitcoin Used by Japanese Real Estate Firm
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Ruden Holdings, a real estate company out of Tokyo, has begun experimenting with a new “virtual currency real estate settlement platform” which utilizes both BTC and smart contracts. This new venture has been developed in partnership with Blockchain Global Limited.

According to a press release by both companies, NEM’s test network was used for aspects of the smart contract system such as its time stamping feature.

The new platform allows for individuals to purchase real estate from one another in an expedited process that also provides “…notarized sale [and] purchase agreement[s]” in an accelerated manner along with other documents such as property registration. Ruden Holdings stated that “the time to negotiate and conclude can be shortened compared to the current work”.

Ruden Holdings has also announced that they are pursuing the formation of a subsidiary division in Singapore that will create a native token for their company.

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