SEED: creating a marketplace for conversational user interfaces (CUI)
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We have already shown you the versatility of blockchain technology in a few articles. We mentioned how it can be used to track food for example. If you want to see some other ways this fairly new technology is implemented, make sure to take a look at this post. SEED is company that has found yet another use for blockchain technology. This ambitious organisation is  using blockchain technology to create a marketplace for conversational user interfaces (CUI). Before we show you how they use this technology, let’s first have a look at what conversational user interfaces are exactly.

What is a CUI?

It is very likely you have already dealt with an example of conversational user interface. SEED describes it as the next, logical step after graphical user interfaces (GUI). You may have noticed that websites and computer programs look a lot more user friendly now than they did years ago. This is because developers created user interfaces that were designed to help the user out. You didn’t have to study programming languages in order to work with computers, thanks to the ever improving graphical user interfaces.

Conversational user interfaces go one step further. They don’t only make it easier for the user to work with a program or web page, they are designed to improve communication with the user/client. The most simple example of a CUI is a chat bot. You enter a question and the bot generates what it thinks is the most suitable answer. In order for this bot to be useful, its level of artificial intelligence (AI) is important. Developing AI is not easy; there is a lot of user input that the AI has to deal with, and it will have to learn how to deal with it. This is where SEED and their blockchain based marketplace come in.

Blockchain technology to create a marketplace

Gathering all the user data provided by interacting with a CUI is a big deal, and the best way to improve AI is to cooperate with all parties involved. The SEED platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and network for deploying front-ends to AI technologies. It decentralizes and democratizes data through an independent economy for AI and conversational interfaces. Currently, a few large corporations control the CUI and AI technologies. SEED seeks to break that cycle and democratize the knowledge.

With the SEED token, the platform creates an economy to support authentication, smart contracts, ratings, and payments. When a developer creates parts of CUIs, such as code, content, or other components, they upload this to the SEED marketplace. The developer will then designate an amount of SEED tokens as the licensing terms for the use of these components. In turn, other developers or deployers of CUIs may license components and compensate the creator of these parts in the stipulated amount of SEED tokens.

SEED tokens can be earned by any end-user of a partnering SEED-compatible online service or tool. This is done by sharing data about themselves and their interactions with the used service. There is no other way of obtaining SEED tokens. They are not mined, like many other coins. The entire allocation of tokens are created at the beginning of the service and assigned unique identifiers. SEED uses “proof-of-stake” as its method of managing tokens.


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