Review on Coinlib: track cryptocurrencies and related news
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Coinlib is a cryptoassets trading analysis service that features live and historic cryptocurrency prices crypto-sphere news, cryptoasset charts, and coin rankings. Coinlib can be found at the link and as an app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. 

Coinlib has metrics for over 5,100 cryptoassets; a fair share more than popular competitors like CoinMarketCap which features just over 2000 cryptoassets.

Coinlib offers a variety of advanced tools for crypto trading and evaluation including portfolio tracking, price alerts, liquidity breakdowns, and an expansive view at global crypto charts. The comparison tool stands out. This tool allows for various different cryptoassets to be compared based on a variety of criteria such as overall performance, trading volume, market capitalization, rank history and even specific metrics such as a number of developers and social media presence to name a few.  

My favorite feature of Coinlib’s analysis tools is their breakdowns of crypto exchange’s trading volume. This tool analyzes the trading volume of nearly 170 crypto exchanges. It breaks down their trading volume while also showing the flow of money from one crypto to another in wide-ranging “money flow” charts. The charts are easy to interpret and, frankly, are visually pleasing to look at; something that cannot be said about most crypto charts one comes across. 

The Coinlib app features a sleek, intuitive, design that allows for easy price comparisons between different cryptos. All the best tools found on the website can also be found on the app, including the exchange charts and analysis. 

Coinlib also features a news aggregating feature that regularly collects the latest news from around the crypto-sphere. Unlike some crypto news aggregators who only source their news from a limited number of websites, I found Coinlib’s aggregating catalog to be both diverse and comprehensive which was refreshing to see. 

When using each tool, such as the live price tool, or the exchange analysis tool, users are offered a variety of aggregated news stories that are specific to the item being viewed. Therefore, if you choose to examine the Polymath cryptotoken, you can find a selected series of fresh news articles that showcase Polymath. The same feature applies to the crypto exchanges tool. 

Coinlib allows users to create a comprehensive portfolio of whichever cryptoassets they would like to watch. To create the portfolio you need to register for their services, but both the app and registration are free.