New crypto coins: McDonald’s launches “MacCoin”
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Starting August 2nd, U.S. customers of McDonald’s will be able to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the fast-food chain’s famous Big Mac burger with a commemorative MacCoin, which adds to the new crypto coins.

With each purchase of a Big Mac, McDonald’s will be issuing a limited edition MacCoin. The offer is valid in 14,000 participating locations throughout the United States. 6.2 million MacCoins have been created and will be tradeable for a Big Mac in participating McDonald’s locations throughout the world between August and the end of 2018. 

Five editions of the MacCoin will be offered; one for each decade that the Big Mac has been offered. Each decade’s specifically-minted coin will feature a popular aspect of its respective decade with the 2010s showcasing the Internet and modern communication systems, the 2000s featuring technology, the 1990s containing pronounced shapes typical of the graphical designs of the time. While the 1980s coin will include references to pop art, the 1970s coin will highlight symbolism of the flower power movement in US culture that was pervasive at the time. 

New crypto coins or not?

While not a cryptocurrency itself, the launch of the MacCoin begs the question, perhaps McDonald’s will mark their next significant anniversary with a MacCoin cryptocurrency? In 2017, rumors abounded that McDonald’s would announce their acceptance of the cryptotoken OmiseGo (OMG) as a payment option. While the rumor turned out to be unverified and has not come to fruition to date, the idea that corporate giants like McDonald’s could embrace the crypto-economy has sparked the interest of those in the crypto community. 

Other fast-food chains have flirted with cryptocurrencies in the past. At the height of the crypto-boom in 2017 a number of Canadian KFC locations began accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. In addition to this, the official KFC Facebook page began a live video that highlighted the price of one of their buckets of chicken in Bitcoin. McDonald’s entered the foray as well in 2017 with their creation of the “WhopperCoin” cryptocurrency. Billed as a “blockchain loyalty program”, like the MacCoin, the WhopperCoin, which was only available in Russia when it launched, was offered as a “food-backed” cryptocurrency. Roughly 1,700 WhopperCoins were priced as the equivalent of 1 Whopper and were tradeable for the popular fast-food burger. 

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