“All-in-one” news aggregator: Crypto Control
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In the latest days, we have information overload, and it is harder to keep up with the latest trends, especially in the volatile field of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to tech development, various websites started offering “all-in-one” solutions similar to news aggregators.

In this article, we will cover promising news aggregator Crypto Control, which is a member of top-10 crypto news aggregators. Developers of the website truly follow “all-in-one” principle, offering news on 9 different languages.

Website developers included several interesting features which can grab an attention of picky news reader:

  • “Trollbox”, where anyone can discuss the latest news. It’s available right at the desktop version, and you can log in through different channels (even with Telegram) to leave your opinion;
  • Apart from chatbox, there is one nice option developers enabled for the audience: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum trends on social networks together with Google trend analytics beautifully built in the website interface.
  • Crypto Control offers readers to receive customized news feed straight to Facebook Messenger or Telegram with the help of chatbots, which eliminates the need to visit the website and crawl through tons of content.
  • If you are feeling a bit lost in the wave of news, you can always use a “Heatmap” bar on the left, which will show you the most popular and trending articles built in blocks similar to famous Cointelegraph 360 feature.
  • Crypto Control offers not only browser version, but also iOS and Android mobile apps with pretty much similar tools
  • The last, but not the least: the website has a quite powerful tool to filter through categories, where you can search the latest and the most trending topics by category (i.e. blockchain, mining, ICO) or you can choose cryptocurrency you want and to follow its news, which can be in handy for traders and investors.

In total, this website indeed offers the most tools crypto-enthusiast may be interested in with various delivery channels.

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