60% of Ethereum Smart Contracts Were Never Used
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Specialists from the American Northeastern University and the University of Maryland published the results of the analysis of all the smart contracts created in the blockchain Ethereum, more precisely, in the first five million of its blocks, which covers almost three years of the network functioning.

The purpose of such research was to analyze how users interact with each other through smart contracts.

In particular, almost 60% of all created smart contracts were never used by anyone. According to the authors of the report, this indicates a significant number of contracts being in a sleep mode. In this case, about 30% of all smart contracts are involved in other smart contracts — users do not use them directly.

In overall, the document has positively characterizing Ethereum conclusions. In 2017 average daily the number of transactions in the blockchain increased from 40 thousand to more than 1 million. This level practically does not decrease even now, despite of falling of the price. The percentage of failed transactions is 0.01%-0.1%.